CASPAM | Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure & Applied Mathematics, BZU - Multan

Mathematics for Industry and Society

Dr. Syed Adnan Qasim

(National University of Technology, Islamabad)

On January 24, 2020 Friday at 11:30 am at Main Hall, CASPAM

Talk Highlights:

1. Mathematics will lead 4th Industrial Revolution.

2. Mathematics will tabe mankind into space colonies.

3. Mathematics is the soul of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st century.

This lecture will give you exposure regarding future directions of your careers in Mathematics. It will also help research students know about the popular and hot areas of research. 

All students of CASPAM are advised to attend this Seminar. This is a 'must attend' seminar for research students and senior BS and MSc. students 


- All respected faculty members of CASPAM, are requested to attend the seminar alongwith their MPhil/ PhD students.




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Dr. Khalid Saifullah Syed

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