CASPAM | Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure & Applied Mathematics, BZU - Multan

Director's Message

Welcome you in the Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics (CASPAM) on the behalf of CASPAM faculty members. You have chosen one of the finest and richest subject for your academic and career pursuit. Studying Mathematics will enable you for the following:

1. To think critically

2. To analyse problems and situations

3. To solve problems and generate ideas

4. To write algorithms for different purposes

5. To develop creative abilities


Any illustrated problem taken from any field of study can be modeled by using appropriate variables and can be better understood with the help of tables and graphs. Hence Mathematics remains unavoidable in problem solving of any nature, kind and field. For these reasons, Mathematics will open doors for your career pursuits in variety of directions. We want our students to indeed master the subject and meet standards of excellence. We train our students using conventional as well as modern approaches. We keep our students informed about the future trends and requirements as professional. We encourage them to set career goals and make plans accordingly. Students are encouraged to participate in different activities for soft skills of today and tomorrow. Undergraduate students are particularly encouraged to note the requirement and skills necessary for MPhil and PhD degrees. We hold Mathematical Olympiad annually to provide our students with competitive environment as well as necessary exposure of career and standard. We celebrate talent and achievements of our students through various activities. We want you to be problem-solver than just content memoriser. 


I welcome you again and hope CASPAM can provide you with the best possible learning environment. We hope for your comfortable and enriching stay at CASPAM. 


Kind regards


Dr. Imran Javaid

Director CASPAM